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Four Tips to Help You Select an Auto Body Shop for Your Car Body Paint Lawrence KS

Painting a car is part of regular maintenance of a vehicle. Although it may not seem as important as auto body work, it is necessary to enhance its appearance. When clients need a paint job, there are normally many auto body shops to choose from. They may appear to offer the same general services, but a thorough investigation, which is merely asking detailed questions, will protect clients from using shops that are not equipped to paint their car properly, or do not offer services they can easily get somewhere else. Here are four tips that every client should know before they get their car painted.

Use a certified car painter who has the credentials to paint vehicles. Auto shops have different requirements for their employees, so it is necessary to ask if their painters are certified. Although they may employ painters who are in training or only help out on paint jobs, it is best to confirm with the shop that the paint job is ultimately performed by a certified painter.

Auto body shops must give advice on the right color choice for their clients. This may not seem as important to a car owner, but colors that are not common may make it more difficult for an owner to sell their vehicle. Climate is also a factor when deciding on a color for a car. Darker colors reveal dirt and blemishes on cars more than lighter colors, and darker colors draw more heat.

A successful paint job needs a clear coat applied to it for added protection. Painters are not trying to take advantage of customers when they explain their significance. Cars travel in all types of weather conditions. The suns ultraviolet rays cause paint to fade on a car and acid rain causes defects on its surface. A clear coat of paint will protect a car from these elements and increase the life of the paint job.

Car painting jobs should be priced according to the number of coats applied and the expertise of the painter. Be wary of paint jobs that are extremely cheap; this is usually an indication the painter is not certified. Auto shops that offer Car Body Paint Lawrence KS have a reputation for employing certified painters, giving advice on best color choices, applying clear coats as a part of their service, and a fair price. These qualities are what customers need to look for.

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