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Flying High in the Sky with Helicopter Flights in NYC

New York City is a treasure to the United States, a bustling place of business, commerce, and hardy city folk. Dreams are made here, inspiration comes to life, and it sprawls with the spirit of the American people. But hey, let’s be realistic here: getting around town via cabby can be downright terrible. That’s not a mark against the fleet of yellow forces, it’s just reality. Especially if you’re a visitor and you’ve been caught in a downpour of road rage and car congestion. But, there’s an awesome alternative to sightseeing in NYC, serviced by our airborne friends with Helicopters. Helicopters provide a grand experience that you just can’t get from other modes of transportation. They are exciting, fun, and beneficial if you want a comfortable, fast ride that will take you wherever you want to.

Lights, Luxury, Liftoff

It’s challenging to adequately describe the sheer joy from experiencing New York from the air. The entirety of this amazing city is completely in view, an impossible sight if you stay on foot. For one thing, remember that this is a total change in perspective. You know how amazing flying can be right, to see the world below you vanish and pass over hundreds of thousands of lives? Same concept, except the splendor of New York City is closer, and you’re in a helicopter. How often does one get to say they’ve been in a helicopter? For another, you evade all the needless hustle and bustle of traffic and save yourself oodles of cash and time by not viewing the cityscape on the top of buildings.

Memories Don’t Cost you

A lot of people visit a lot of places, and while those visits to exotic locales are likely well remembered, they’re rather typical. The meaning of that is, you, a tourist in NYC might be looking to make that trip truly special. You’ve got it all planned out, too. All the places you’ll eat at, theaters you’ll go to, the sites you’ll see. But then again, that’s a step everyone takes. Riding in a luxury helicopter is different though, and you’ll visit the city with a rare experience many don’t partake it. Rates don’t go high, in fact it’s rare they go over two-hundred, and you end up bringing home a story you’ll never forget.

New York Helicopter provides fun and exciting helicopter flights in NYC. View their website for further information.