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Visit a Family Dentist for Treatment of Your Entire Household

When you decide to visit a family dentist, you can book a wide variety of appointments. These dental clinics serve as a one stop shop for your family’s dental needs.

Some services that a family dental professional can provide:

Complete Family Dental Care

Whether you need an evaluation for your teenager’s gapped teeth, a cavity filled for your first grader, or some cavities filled that you’ve been putting off, a family dentist can help. These all-purpose dentist are growing in popularity, as they allow a family to make all of their dental appointments at one practice – sometimes even on the same day. This convenience is a huge asset for busy families, leaving them with fewer details to juggle as they go about their lives.

Dental Repairs as Necessary

A Family Dentist can assist your family with dental repairs, such as filling cavities, repairing cracked teeth, and treating gum disease. For more serious issues, such as oral surgery for wisdom teeth or orthodontics, your family may need a referral to an oral surgeon or orthodontist. However, a general dental professional can assist with most other oral issues. Often, emergency appointments are available, as well, to treat accidental injuries or severe dental pain.

Dental Care and Education for Children

As your children grow, a family dentist can help teach them how to care for their teeth. Brushing and flossing are extremely important parts of oral hygiene, and the professionals at the dental clinic can teach your child these skills. In addition, fluoride treatments can be applied as necessary. Small children and teenagers alike can need assistance with oral hygiene, so if this is an issue be sure to ask your dental professional about proper education.

Teeth Whitening in Haddon Heights for Adult Patients

Adult patients may notice that their teeth have been stained by drinking coffee, cola, or wine, or smoking cigarettes. Teeth whitening treatments make a dramatic difference in your appearance, and are typically more effective than over the counter whitening or bleaching treatments.

If your teeth have yellowed over time, the dentist at Cherry Hill Family Dental can professionally whiten them for you. Teeth whitening can also be performed before special events, such as weddings, reunions, or job interviews.