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Should You Hire Movers, or Do-It-Yourself?

If you are in the process of moving in Wilmington you may wonder if it is worth it to hire professional movers, or if you would be better off just doing it yourself. The best decision that you make could be particular to your situation, which means that for some people it is probably definitely better to hire professional movers in Wilmington, but for others it may be more cost effective to do it themselves.

One of the deciding factors include knowing what is the most important issue for you as you plan your move, time or money? Weighing each factor in a way that balances them in terms of your priorities is the key to making an informed decision. Corollary to that is taking into account the quantity of stuff you have to move, the distance you are moving, the amount of money you are willing to budget for the move and your capacity in terms of time and ability to be involved in the concrete activities of moving itself.

Depending on how much stuff you have to move, it may be more efficient and less costly to hire movers in Wilmington that to do it yourself. When you take into account that for a typical four bedroom house you would need to rent a 26’ truck, drive and pay for the gas, as well as possibly find friends and laborers to both load and unload it, you are already looking at several thousand dollars. On the other hand, if you are moving an apartment a short distance, it may be worth it to rent a smaller 10’ truck and do it yourself rather than paying hundreds of dollars more to professional movers.

When you are comparing costs, be careful about taking quotes over the phone seriously, and know who you are talking to, whether it is a broker or the company itself. A broker generally does not provide quotes, while most companies do not give guaranteed estimates until they can have a look at your home and what you plan to move. But you can get a general idea as to what would be cheaper or more expensive. You may find that it is just as expensive, but more time consuming and more work for you, to move yourself as it is to hire a company. Your own time should be carefully considered as well, especially if it can be better spent making other kinds of preparations.

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