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How to clean rugs

Carpeting and area rugs have many virtues and advantages as a flooring material but unfortunately spills can leave difficult to remove stains and daily traffic, especially if you have active children and pets certainly does take its toll. There are a number of ways to go about rug cleaning in Charlotte NC, here are a few hints on deep cleaning and stain removal that may help you keep your rugs and carpets looking better and lasting longer.

Rugs are a wonderful flooring material, bringing color and warmth to any room. The first line of defense against dirt and grit which can damage the carpet fibers is regular vacuuming. Although this is vital for carpet cleanliness and longevity they still need regular rug cleaning in Charlotte NC to keep them looking at their best. Although cleaning in high traffic areas will have to be done more frequently, you should plan on having annual rug and carpet cleaning. If you have very light colored carpets and children and pets then you can count on cleaning them perhaps two or three times a year.

Colorfastness: Rugs that are colorfast will not fade, bleed or change color when they are cleaned. The cleaning methods you choose may have a lot to do with whether your rugs are colorfast or not, check them first with these small steps:

  • Find a place where the carpet is inconspicuous, a closet is a good place. Vacuum it first.
  • Dampen a cloth with the cleaner you are thinking of using
  • Lay the dampened cloth on the carpet and leave it for an hour and then blot the area with a clean, white cloth.
  • If the cloth is stained then you must find a different cleaning product.

Steps to take when cleaning a carpet:

If at all possible remove all the furniture from the room and then vacuum the carpet thoroughly. When you use a professional cleaner they use very powerful vacuums that clean deep down, most domestic vacuums do not clean this well. If you select a wet rug cleaning method make sure that the area is left at least 24 hours to thoroughly dry to make sure that there is no possibility of mold growth and then replace the furniture.

Perhaps the best system for rug cleaning in Charlotte NC is the dry method. An absorbent material is spread over the carpet or rug, this material is worked in vigorously and then removed by vacuuming. Dry extraction works better than wet but the chemicals do tend to be more expensive.

Dry rug cleaning in Charlotte NC is the specialty of Journey’s Carpet Cleaning. The state of the art equipment used by Journey’s gets your rugs and carpets cleaner and faster than hot water cleaning.