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Avoiding Hidden Fees Movers Sometimes Attach

When you are in the process of selecting movers in CamdenCounty, it is important to be aware that some who offer excessively cheap rates often make up for it with hidden fees and surprise charges after the move. Russ Hutsell discovered this when he moved from Elm Springs, Arkansas to a house in CamdenCounty due to job relocation. He thought he had a great deal, almost too good to be true, until he got the final bill. Included were accessorial charges, advanced fees, linehaul charges, and auxiliary service fees, which made his moving bill more expensive than if he had gone with more expensive, but more honest, movers in CamdenCounty.

“I found out,” says Hutsell, “a few things I didn’t know before. I will never make that same mistake again.” One of the surprises Hutsell discovered was that movers can bill for accessorial charges, which is a sort of clumping of items together in order to avoid customer dispute. Included in such charges may be services ranging from items such as the movers having to wait on you if you are running late to having to disassemble furniture prior to loading and reassemble upon arrival. This can be avoided by simply being better prepared.

Advanced fees occur when the movers hire someone else to help them, such as to move particularly heavy items (in Hutsell’s case, the heavy item was a treasured brass statue of Abraham Lincoln). Hutsell should have avoided this by making other arrangements for the statue and paying for additional help before the movers arrived.

Linehaul charges were billed because of the weight of his items that are being carried a long distance. This is a usual charge, but the moving company he chose didn’t include it in their initial quote so he wasn’t prepared for it.

Hutsell was charged auxiliary service fees because his neighbor, a cranky old man, parked his pickup truck in such a way that the moving truck could not get close enough to the house. Hutsell didn’t realize that when they manipulated a smaller truck close to the house to load and unload later into a bigger truck that they would charge him more for this. He could have had a discussion with his neighbor if he had known.

Being aware of exactly what you are paying for is crucial when negotiating with your movers in CamdenCounty. Ask specifically how they charge, and if they are not forthcoming, go elsewhere. An honest and reliable company will not hesitate to let you know how they charge and how much you can expect to pay your movers.

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