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What to Consider when Choosing Flooring in Minneapolis, MN

Upgrading your home’s flooring is one of the fastest ways to increase its beauty and value. However, it can be hard to choose between carpeting and other types of flooring. The simplest way to make a decision is to consider the pros and cons of the most popular flooring materials.

When you are deciding on the best flooring in Minneapolis, MN, you will generally choose from among tiles, vinyl, carpeting, laminates, and woods. You can examine each type, by visiting a flooring business, such as Galaxie Floor Stores. There you can handle samples and consider material advantages and disadvantages, such as:


Pros: Wood floors provide a beautiful, warm atmosphere. They are durable and hold up well under heavy traffic.

Cons: Wood can scratch easily, and costs more than many other flooring materials.


Pros: Laminate flooring provides the appearance of wood, but is less expensive, easier to clean and fairly maintenance free. It is scratch resistant and available in a wide variety of colors.

Cons: When liquids get under laminate flooring, they can cause lifting.


Pros: Carpets are soft, and provide a safe surface for a baby’s’ room or for those who are in danger of falling. It is available in dozens of colors, materials, and, price ranges. Carpeting is also durable.

Cons: Carpeting requires constant care, in order to remain clean and beautiful. If not maintained, it can trap dust and other contaminants.


Pros: Vinyl tile stands up very well under high traffic, and is one of least expensive flooring options. It is very easy to maintain and a good choice for environments that need to be kept sanitary.

Cons: Vinyl tile has to be installed over a smooth surface.


Pros: Ceramic tiles are extremely hard, and are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors. It is easy to create a custom look using ceramic tiles. They are easy to maintain, durable, and stain resistant.

Cons: Ceramic tiles often cost more than other flooring.

Today there is a flooring material to suit every decorating taste and budget. It is easy to find the flooring you want among popular materials such as ceramic, vinyl, wood, laminates, and carpeting.

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