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Understanding the Role Bail Bondsmen Colorado Springs

When someone has been arrested for committing an offence, they are apprehended and locked up in police custody until that time when their case is to be heard in court. The reason for being detained in police custody is in order to prevent them from running away before the hearing of their case. Another method of ensuring that they appear in court is through offering them the option of depositing bail. This is a sum of money that is deposited with the court and is only refunded upon appearing in court.

Bail bondsmen can provide this amount of money to secure a person’s release in cases where the arrested person does not have enough money amounting to the bail set by the court. The amount of bail is usually based on the seriousness of the crime committed. Typically, since bail is refundable, most people arrested can get their friends and family to pay for bail. However, for those instances where either one does not have any person willing to pay their bail or when the bail amount set is too high, bail bondsmen, Colorado Springs can come in to their rescue.

This arrangement is usually like a sort of loan, any bail paid is usually lost when one fails to appear in court. This is one of the reasons why friends and family members may refuse to raise bail for individuals who are not trusted. Bail bondsmen however, have a number of ways through which they can recover their money and also earn a profit out of offering bail as a service.

  • Just like any loan, earnings are usually based on an interest upon the return of the amount of money lent. A bail bondsman will therefore pay bail for an arrested person upon an agreement that the arrested person will pay a certain amount of interest usually between 10% and 15% of the total bail amount. This ensures that bail bondsmen earn out of the whole process.
  • In the event that one fails to appear in court, the bail bondsman loses the money paid in bail; in order to avoid this, bail bondsmen Colorado Springs require that any one in need of bail register some form of security usually property that can be claimed by the bail bondsman if one fails to appear in court. The security should be able to offer an equal amount to the bond.
  • In the event that one runs away before their hearing date, bail bondsmen in some of the States in America hire a bounty hunter, who is licensed to arrest and apprehend the suspect and bring them before court at a certain fee.

These are some of the ways through which bail bondsmen protect themselves from losses.

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