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Role of a Bail Bond Man

A bail bond man is person who guarantees the appearance of the defendant to the court by guaranteeing money or property as bail. He acts as a mediator between the court and the person charged for a crime. The defendant remains at custody for the crime that he has been arrested for till some bail amount has been given. The defendant has the right to defend himself and ask for a bail if his crime does not involve murder or felony.

Professional bail bonding agents are capable of guiding the defendant through the necessities of the bail process. He will be able to guide you through the entire bailing procedure. The amount to be set for bail is usually decided by the judge during the first appearance in the court. This amount is to ensure that the defendant will not skip any of the proceedings of the court. He is asked to attend all the proceedings of the court without fail. While deciding on the amount the judge is rational and considers the nature of the crime that has been committed, he does not forget that it is his duty to see to the security of the entire community and not to let go a criminal without checking his previous records.

If the defendant fails to appear before the court then the bail bond man becomes a mediator and pleads to the court for an alternative date. The task of pleading to the court for an alternative date sounds easy but is actually tough for it calls for immediate action. The criminals’ agent will know exactly how to go about the process and relieve his client from the stress of greater penalty. The agent will be giving the “consent of surety”, which needs to be taken to the court clerk to ask for a new date. He also prepares the defendant about the fact that an arrest order must have been issued in his name for not being able to appear before the court. If the defendant is not able to appear before the court and is absconding then the bond is considered to be forfeited and the agent, who is the mediator, will be asked to pay the full amount guaranteed by the bond.

Till few years ago working as bail bond man was considered to be only a family business but today people are opting for it as holds the promise to be one of the most exciting and rewarding career options over the years to come.

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