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Facts About Becoming a Legal Guardian in Honolulu HI

Legal guardianship is the concept of legally taking responsibility for another person through the courts. You make decisions for the individual based on their needs. You have the final say in everything that revolves around the life of the individual for which you accept legal guardianship. Besides needing a lawyer to become a Guardian in Honolulu, HI, you should also know some facts about being a guardian and the forms of guardianship. The following will discuss a few basics about legal guardianship.

Legal Guardianship of an Adult Child

Parents expect to have a child, watch him/her grow up, and retire surrounded by their children and grandchildren. However, not everyone gets that kind of life. Some people take care of a disabled child for years and that means it goes on well into their golden years. Mentally or physically disabled children cannot become responsible for themselves when they turn 18 which makes it necessary for parents to file for guardianship.

Legal Guardianship for Grandparents

Parents are not always capable or willing to take care of their children. Death, irresponsible behavior, and disabilities of parents can create the need for grandparents of minor children to take guardianship of their grandchildren. This is done through the courts and you will need an attorney to help you with the process. This is a big responsibility for grandparents to take on, so make sure you have the health and mental ability to take on raising another child or more children again.

Legal Guardianship of Elderly Parents

Children seldom expect to have to take over the care of their parents as they age, but it happens more often than you think. In order for the child to take on this task, they need to become the Guardian in Honolulu, HI of their elderly parent. This goes beyond just power of attorney as far as responsibilities go. You have to properly manage their money, pay their bills, make sure they get proper health care, and all the other things that go with taking care of someone. The courts tend to keep an eye on these situations.

Your first step is to consult and find out how a lawyer can help you with these kinds of cases. A good lawyer for these cases will be compassionate, caring, and understanding of your situation. Business Name can help you with guardianship in the state of Hawaii.