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Dental Care Huntington Beach Professionals Offers Oral Health Tips for Children

Do you have questions about the best way to take care of your children’s teeth and oral health? It’s never too early to start teaching them good habits that they will remember for a lifetime. Here are some tips from your dental care Huntington Beach professionals for maintaining optimal oral health at different stages in your child’s life.

Some parents think that it’s not important to keep their baby teeth clean during their infant years because they are just going to fall out regardless. But your dental care Huntington Beach professional wants you to know that it’s just as important to keep baby teeth clean as it is adult teeth. Baby teeth can still develop tooth decay if they aren’t maintained properly. This can be painful for your infants and it can also lead to infections if left unchecked for too long. Ask your dentist about the best type of toothpaste and toothbrush to use for your infant for best results.

Toddlers and Young Children
Teaching your young children to brush their teeth is important, but don’t let them do it alone before they are ready. Children don’t usually have the dexterity or capability to brush their teeth effectively until they are at least seven years old. Until then, you should be there to help your child floss and brush. You can let them do it by themselves first, but be sure to follow up to make sure it gets done correctly.

School-Aged Children
Once you start sending your children off to school, it’s more difficult to monitor their dietary choices. That’s why you should set an example at home. Start by eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and other foods that are healthy. When packing their lunch, be sure to include healthy options instead of sugary drinks and snacks. The sugary options can start eating away at the enamel in the teeth throughout the day. Also, be a good example by brushing your teeth regularly and flossing. You might not think your children notice it, but they do.

Teenagers have very unpredictable eating patterns and habits. Many of them are concerned about their appearance. You can use this to remind them about maintaining good oral hygiene. Be sure that you don’t avoid taking them to your trusted dental care Huntington Beach professional at least twice a year so they can maintain good oral health and hygiene with habits that will last a lifetime.

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