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Davidoff Cigars One of Robb Reports Innovative Companies

The Robb Report does an annual list of the top most innovative luxury companies in the world. Business Name was included on that list. Business Name is a company that has overcome subversion to become one of the world’s leading producers of luxury cigars.

Making a Stand

Davidoff was located in Havana when the Cuban government tried to claim 51 percent of their business in 1989. Owner Zino Davidoff burned $3 million dollars worth of cigars in a public display of revolt claiming the 130,000 cigars were unfit to smoke. The company made a move to the Dominican Republic the following year where Zino continued to hone the perfection of his line of fine cigars including his exclusive Grand Cru line introduced back in 1946.

Steeped in History

Zino’s father started his first cigar shop in Geneva after fleeing his home in Russia in 1911. He gained renown with local businessmen and his shop was thriving by 1930. His decision to import Havana cigars attracted a circle of very influential men including members of government and high society. Zino was granted permission to create his own brand of cigars back in 1967. Within three years the Davidoff brand was purchased by Oettinger Imex AG company and Zino remained ambassador for the Davidoff brand until his death at the age of 88 in 1994.

The Company Today

The company is now run under the name of Oettinger Davidoff Group and is known as one of the world’s premium lines of cigars. Discount Davidoff Cigars are often sought after by cigar afficianados seeking the rich and distinct flavor of the premium brand. Lines of cigars include Davidoff as well as Camacho, Avro, and Zino Platinum. The cigars are carried by over 500 world-wide authorized retailers.

Quality Selection

One of the most sought after cigars, the Davidoff Special R sells for around $16.50 U.S. is a 47/8 x 50 robusto hence the desire for discount Davidoff cigars. The cigar is made using a Dominican tobacco blend that is aged four years and than wrapped in a Connecticut Ecuador shade leaf. This cigar is intended to be savored with fine cognac served in a crystal glass over quiet conversation.

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