Understanding Proper Tree Care in Richmond, VA

Tree care in Richmond, VA, starts the moment you plant it. From infancy to maturity, tree care and the tree needs will change. A tree is an investment so a routine maintenance plan is important. This plan should include regular tree inspections, mulching at appropriate times of the year, pruning in the correct season of the year and continual fertilization.

Initial Tree Care Stages

Even in infancy, tree care in Richmond, VA, includes inspections to catch any type of bark or leaf disease in the early stages. A tree is at its most vulnerable stage in the first stage of growth because they are small and have not built up a resistance to disease, storm and drought. An infant tree may survive on its own but will be weak and crooked and have sparse leaves.

To change this outcome and provide for the infant tree, it will need continual care and inspections, as well as pruning. During the second stage, the tree needs protection and space to grow as it is self-establishing in the earth and in the atmosphere around it. Their form can still be influenced. Tree care in Richmond, VA, includes watchfulness to prevent injury from humans, the environment or bugs so they can become solidly established.

In stage three, the tree is in the prime of its life. If it has been pruned regularly, it will now have a perfect round shape and its branches will be strong. It is in this stage of tree care when it may be tempting to take the pruning shears to it in grand style. Resist this urge and only remove low hanging branches that would interfere with walking underneath it. Pruning is necessary but only to enhance the shape and fullness of the tree or to remove dead branches that hinder the healthy part of the tree.

Later Tree Care Stages

If the tree is a flowering one, the blooms will be spectacular during stage four. The tree is uniquely individualized with thicker, heavier branches. Stage four requires annual inspections for disease and leaf health. Inspect for trunk decay, loose bark and leaves that are being devoured by bugs.

Mulching is also important tree care in Richmond, VA, during this stage. Mulch squelches weeds and grass growth around the tree, which would inhibit the growth. Mulching also reduces environmental anxiety because it limits the impact of severe temperature changes.

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