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Conditions that Call for Braces From an Orthodontist in Irving

While you may be able to go to a regular dentist for braces, an Orthodontist in Irving is a dentist who has had additional training in this area, and who can assess whether you need braces. Teeth that are aligned are both a cosmetic issue for a person’s self esteem as well as a health issue.

There are several reasons a patient may need braces. If the teeth are over crowded, then they can be pushed so that some are out of alignment. Some teeth may be turned nearly sideways, while others may have grown in completely outside the arch of the teeth. Teeth that are crowded this badly may be very difficult for a patient to brush them and reach all exposed tooth surfaces. It can be tricky enough for someone with straight teeth to floss between their back teeth. Imagine how difficult it would be if other teeth are growing in at such angles that the patient literally can’t get the floss wrapped in a C shape around the tooth and reach down to the gum line to scrape away plaque and bacteria. Bad hygiene, which is not the patient’s fault, can easily lead to cavities. Untreated cavities can lead to the patient needing root canal treatment or even losing the tooth.

Other conditions that call for using braces are over bites, in which the top teeth come out too far over the bottom teeth, or under bites, in which the teeth on the lower jaw protrude out in front of the upper teeth. Conditions like these make it difficult for a person to speak, and that in addition to the appearance can affect them in the business world. It can also make it difficult to bite and chew foods. A person who is missing some of their permanent teeth faces the issue of their teeth shifting and moving around so that they end up with wide spaces between all their teeth.

Depending on the patient’s age and lifestyle, the orthodontist may fit the patient with either wire braces or clear, removable braces that the patient can take out whenever they eat or want to brush their teeth. The patient still needs to wear the removable braces while sleeping to get the full benefit of the treatment. For more info visit Website Domain