What to Know After Weight Loss Surgery in Fairfield County

Obesity has become a problem in the United States, which is causing many people to turn to weight loss surgery in Fairfield County. People who have tried to lose weight with many methods and have been unsuccessful are turning to the various surgeries available, such as gastric banding, gastric bypass and the vertical sleeve. After you go through your weight loss surgery, you will have strict instructions from your doctor that are important for you to follow to lose the weight you want to lose.


You will be on an extreme calorie-restricted diet following your weight loss surgery in Fairfield County. It is important that every calorie you consume counts, which means you need to avoid liquid calories. Every drink, aside from water, has calories that could count against your weight loss efforts when your diet is restricted. Sticking to the nutritious calories, including fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, when it is okay to start incorporating foods into your daily diet will give you the best weight loss results.

Chew Your Food

It might seem odd to be reminded to chew your food, but after undergoing weight loss surgery, your gastric system is greatly altered. It is of utmost importance that you take the time to chew your food well to give your gastric system a chance to digest the food you consume, rather than causing you to vomit it up because the chunks were too large for your stomach to handle.

No Sugar

Sugar is filled with empty calories and will only serve to make you hungrier faster. As tempting as it might be to reach for that sugar-filled treat, give your body something healthier to munch on that will assist you in your weight loss efforts and keep you healthy at the same time.


Protein is the best choice out of all the food groups when you are able to eat regular meals after your weight loss surgery in Fairfield County. Not only is protein healthy, especially for your muscles, it will fill you up longer, helping you avoid reaching for those unhealthy snacks later in the day.

Making the choice to have weight loss surgery in Fairfield County is a big decision. Understanding what your life will entail following the surgery will help you make the right decision. Your life will take on many changes you need to discuss with your surgeon before deciding to go ahead with the surgery and your new life.

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