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What To Do If You Have Been The Victim Of Malpractice

There are a number of malpractice cases that occur in the United States each year. Many victims choose to suffer outside the courts, but there are some 19,000 law suits that are filed against negligent physicians every year. In addition to seeking restitution from the damages caused by a physician, a victim can file suits against hospitals, clinics, and members of the medical staff. Don’t think that you are alone in your suffering. Medical mistakes take the lives of 195,000 people in the U.S. every year. In order to make medical practitioners more responsible for the care they provide, and to ensure hospitals are vigilant in safeguarding the rights of their patients, legal recourse can be taken. Help reduce the number of accidents that occur each year by hiring a malpractice attorney in New Port Richey FL and taking legal action. This helps ensure negligent medical providers are disciplined and sometimes disbarred from service.

The largest contributor to medical errors is medication. Unfortunately it’s pretty easy for the nursing staff to grab the wrong medicine, administer too much, or to miss a dose or two altogether. It’s also easy for a physician to become distracted while he evaluates a patient and writes orders for the nursing staff to complete. Errors occur with abound when individuals are distracted or overloaded with too many patients to care for. The result of errors within a hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office, however, can result in disability and loss of life. The general public believes in practitioners who have devoted their entire lives to help people get well. They entrust their lives into the hands of these strangers to help them in times of medical emergencies, but things can go awry. A New Port Richey FL malpractice attorney can represent you if you are the victim of malpractice.

In addition to medication errors, malpractice also occurs in the form of misdiagnosis. Pinpointing exactly what ailment is affecting a patient can be difficult, but while physicians are trying to figure it out the clock is ticking. Delaying a diagnosis allows for disease to progress—sometimes beyond the ability for treatments to take affect and heal the damage. Permanent disability and death occur when diagnoses are delayed, inaccurate, or missed. A malpractice attorney in New Port Richey FL can file a suit in your behalf if you or a loved one has experienced malpractice in the form of misdiagnosis.

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