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Use Lap-Band in Hartford to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

If you are tired of struggling with weight loss and have tried different techniques without any success, you might be a good candidate for Lap-Band in Hartford. Lap-Band surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that effectively limits the amount of calories you take in without leaving you feeling hungry or unsatisfied. Lap-Band is becoming increasingly popular in the United States and has been approved by the FDA since 2001.

Restrictive, Not Malabsorptive

Some bariatric surgeries are restrictive and malabsorptive, but Lap-Band is strictly restrictive. This means it restricts the amount of food and calories you can consume at once. It also keeps you feeling fuller for a longer period of time. This allows you to eat less and encourages your body to lose weight. A malabsorptive procedure, on the other hand, decreases the number of calories your body absorbs. These procedures are more invasive and are typically permanent.

What Is the Lap-Band?

The Lap-Band wraps around the top part of your stomach. This simple silicone band creates a pouch with your upper stomach that is small enough to allow only one ounce of food in at a time. The band makes the passageway from the upper pouch to your stomach more restrictive so the food travels slower, helping you feel fuller longer. The slower digestion encourages you to eat less and allows your body to lose weight.

A Laparoscopic Procedure

A laparoscopic surgery is done through a few small incisions in the abdomen. This is meant to decrease the amount of time a patient has to be under anesthesia and minimize the risk of infection or side effects from the surgery, as well as speed up the recovery process. During the Lap-Band procedure, a camera is used to see the organs that are involved in the surgery and to properly place the Lap-Band on the upper part of the stomach. Finishing up the band with a few stitches to keep it in place and attaching it to a port, your procedure is complete.

The Purpose of the Port

The port is placed in your body during the procedure for Lap-Band in Hartford to allow adjustability as you get used to the Lap-Band. A needle is placed into the port and saline is inserted into the balloon that is in the Lap-Band. This will tighten the diameter of the band, decreasing your caloric intake even further. Adjustments are done periodically as you or your doctor see fit.

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