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LED Grow Lights: An Energy Efficient Way to Encourage Plant Growth

Grow lights are used by gardeners worldwide to try and achieve a better result from their plants. Many grow lights consist of a selection of LED bulbs. The term LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. These small bulbs are highly energy efficient, small, and easily slotted into an electrical circuit. LED lights are efficient and they emit par light or photo synthetically active radiation light to get phenomenal grow results.

This is scientifically proven to give you better results from your plants, and it is also a very affordable option for growers that are on a budget.

Energy Efficiency

LED grow lights replicate the exact form of light that a plant needs to grow. An LED grow light is much more advantageous when compared to that of a standard white bulb, and these lights will not stunt the growth of the plants due to inadequate lighting like is often seen with plants that are grown under regular bulbs. LED lights are also much more efficient when compared to incandescent lamps. Incandescent lamps produce nearly double the heat, and this can be incredibly damaging to the plant. The spectrum of red and blue within the LED lamp can also be balanced to produce optimum wavelengths for optimal plant growth.

Energy Conservation

LED grow lights are great at conserving energy. These lights alone can help you reduce your energy level by as much as 75%. This in turn reduces the damage to the ozone layer and causes less damage to the environment. The cost to run an LED grow light is less than half of the cost of regular grow lights. They only use 100 W of power. These lights are incredibly durable, and they last for years. The average life of an LED bulb and grow light is 7 years, so you won’t have to constantly change bulbs like you would if you were using white bulbs or other types of grow lights. LED grow lights are great at cutting down your electricity bill, and they are also a much better alternative when it comes to the health of your plants.

Having a small LED grow light in your greenhouse is much better than a high intensity grow light in terms of energy efficiency, plant growth, and conservation.

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