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The Possibilities are Endless for Bathroom Renovation in Miami

Although the bathrooms in a home tend to get regular use, they frequently are given less attention when it comes to decorating and design than the rest of the house. This is probably because they’re more utilitarian, and are less visited by guests than say the living room, dining room, or kitchen. This combination of constant use with little updating sometimes leads to some very drab bathroom spaces, and sometimes problems with mold and mildew as well, particularly if the bathroom is small and lacking in adequate ventilation.

The great thing about such bathrooms is that they are an artist’s blank canvas when it comes to Bathroom Renovation in Miami. There are so many options today that can be utilized in renovating a bathroom that it is possible to turn a good sized bathroom into veritable home spa. And the smallest, most unappetizing bathroom can be altered to become a serene and quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the world’s daily cares.

What options do you have? If you haven’t been bathroom furnishing shopping in a while, prepare to be amazed. From fixtures to tubs to toilets that wash and dry unmentionable areas … there is a lot to choose from. Counter and flooring options are as numerous for a bathroom as they are for kitchens.

First, decide if you wish to make any structural changes, such as removing any non-load-bearing walls to create more space. Then, check out the health of your plumbing, especially if you’re planning to replace anything that uses the plumbing such as tubs, showers, etc. Make sure that’s all in tip top shape before going any further. Next, decide on a theme, or at least a period. Your choices range from the ultra chic to retro to traditional. You’ll want to unify everything around a particular style. Save photos from magazines that appeal to you. From there, set a budget and a color scheme, and then it’s time to hire the right contractor. Show him your notes and pictures and collaborate with him on what’s available, costs and time restraints. Then stand back and watch your dreams come together!

A luxurious and perfectly appointed bathroom renovation is a purchase that no one ever regrets having made!

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