Bathroom Remodeling in Miami

Bathroom Remodeling Miami might be a smart move to make if you’re planning to selling your home. Realtors have found that the homes with the updated kitchens and bathrooms are the ones that appeal to buyers. People may like a more retro look in a living room, and be much more willing to accept a home with older features, if the kitchen and bath areas feel fresh and new. Old bathroom tile, a mirror that’s cracked or dull around the edges, and old sink and tub porcelain make even the cleanest of homes look like they have just a tinge of dirt, and that sends a buyer off looking at the next house because they can’t visualize themselves living there.

For Bathroom Remodeling Miami ideas, you can start with your local bath fixtures showroom and even just take a look at their website. Check for their best sellers. It will give you a good idea of what kinds of looks are appealing to the greatest number of purchasers. Bath design is focusing on creating a spa-like feel to a bathroom at home, the kinds of baths that you see in magazines, but you can create a spa atmosphere in your home without that kind of big-dollar budget.

Quite a few people who are doing Bathroom Remodeling in Miami are going for free-standing bathtubs. You’ll find brand new ones designed just like ones from a hundred years ago, as well as more rectangular or elliptical shapes with rounded corners. These sleek, acrylic tubs have pop-up drains and they form a focal point almost like a piece of art in the bathroom. Photos show these tubs in white against slate-colored walls and sleek, dark-stained vanities, creating a look that appears as if created by a home designer.

Bathroom Renovation Miami trends are going toward using bathroom vanities that look more like pieces of furniture rather than bath appliances. They almost look like a dresser in the bathroom, with lots of storage inside. Some vanities are even anchored directly to the wall with no legs beneath so the vanity appears to be floating against the wall.

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