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Tips for Good Dental Care

A bright smile can truly light up a room, but having healthy teeth is more than just having those pearly whites shine. Having healthy gums and a clean breath are also integral parts of oral hygiene. If you are looking for good dental care in Philadelphia, PA, tips, then read on!

See your dentist more

Most of us get in to see our dentist once a year; few of us make it in for twice yearly visits (what most dental plans cover), but adults should see their dentist every 90 days. After a teeth cleaning, it does not take long for the bacteria in our mouths to re-colonize and waiting 6 months is too long of a wait. The cost may be more than you may be comfortable with, but the preventative maintenance goes a long way to reducing future dental expenses.

Your dentist should not hurt you

For many of us, the aversion to seeing our dentist is because we equate that dental chair as a place of discomfort and pain. However, a dentist providing good dental care in Philadelphia, PA, has in his arsenal the right types of drugs and knows how to use varying amounts of the medication to keep you from feeling pain, regardless of the reason you are in that chair.

Waiting until you feel pain to see the dentist is waiting too long

Dental issues such as gum disease and cavities do not cause pain initially. It isn’t until the decay is deeply set in before you begin to feel it. Be proactive with oral health by seeing your dentist regularly. Don’t wait for wincing pain to get you to make an appointment.

Floss, floss, floss

It does not matter how advanced your shiny, new toothbrush is or how diligent you are in picking at your teeth — hopefully with a toothpick — after each meal, nothing can replace the effectiveness of dental floss. Nearly 50% of all bacteria builds up where teeth abut, and no amount of brushing or picking is going to clean it out.

Your mouth is the window to your heart

Scientists are making the link between gum disease and heart disease. Some studies have shown that the bacteria in the gums can also be found in plaques in the arteries of the heart, and gums that are inflamed can also be a sign that those heart arteries are inflamed as well. By monitoring the health inside your mouth through good dental care in Philadelphia, PA, you are also checking up on the overall health of you.

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