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Bible Prophecies Tell You All You Need To Know About the Future

We all worry from time to time about other countries and the current pandemics that plague our existence. Will the newly discovered Nibiru planet collide with earth and bring about a catastrophic end? Will a new and powerful bacterium wipe out entire populations? The answer is simple. None of this could possibly happen, because it has not yet been foretold by the prophecy. It says in the bible that Christ will return to Israel at the end of the age of grace. He has reserved it specifically for his imminent return, so no matter how hard we try to prevent prophecies from happening, they are all around us in one way or another.

Who Tells These Prophecies?

God does not simply come down to earth and tell us about the future. He has a select few prophets who convey his words for him. God speaks his words to these prophets, so the information can then be passed through scripture and speech for generations. Master Prophet Bernard Jordan is just one example of a prophet who can talk with God, using his unique gift to help others across the world. He has dedicated his life to this, and he has predicted such instances as hurricane Katrina, 9/11 and even the chicken flu pandemic.

Prophecy Is a Stabilizing Element

A real prophecy is as certain as the sun that rises. Prophecies are about fulfillment in one way or another. Some prophecies predict disaster, while others predict the fall of empowerment and sinned leaders. Whatever happens, God has a plan for everything, and prophecies can certainly be relied on. It can be hard to decipher a prophecy, as some are written in such a way that it applies to more than one circumstance. The time for understanding these prophecies will come, and we should rely on the prophets that convey them if we want to receive God’s grace once it has passed. By trusting in the Lord, you can be sure to understand his methods and his meanings. What may seem like a chaotic prophecy may really be the start of something new and innocent. In order to see this properly, you must first let God into your soul by accepting his work, his knowledge and his wisdom and seeking forgiveness for your past acts.

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