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Construction Accidents Are Cause for Serious Personal Injury in Indianapolis

Getting hurt at work is an overwhelming process. Not only does the injured employee have to deal with medical appointments and possibly surgery and physical therapy, he also has to deal with the overwhelming amount of paperwork worker’s compensation injuries require. All it takes is one wrong word, statement or incorrectly filled out form for your worker’s compensation benefits to be denied. One of the most common industries for this to occur in is the construction industry. Construction accidents are cause for serious personal injury in Indianapolis and deserve some attention.

Defective Equipment

Even in today’s technologically-advanced world, machinery can still be defective. Defective means the machinery fails to operate properly when an employee is using it, causing a serious accident or even death for the person using the equipment. A majority of the time, defective machinery accidents are serious, leaving the victim with traumatic brain injury, an amputated limb or other life-altering injury. When an injury occurs as a result of defective equipment, not only could your employer be liable for providing the defective equipment but so could the manufacturer of the equipment.


Falls occur on a daily basis in the construction industry. Falls occur from great heights, as well as slipping or tripping and falling on the ground. Regardless of the reason for your fall, it could leave you with detrimental results. One of the most common injuries from a fall is a concussion. While this is a common personal injury in Indianapolis, it could have long-term effects that could be detrimental to your life, such as affecting your motor skills, memory or ability to concentrate.

Getting the Help You Need

If you suffer a personal injury in Indianapolis while at work, you need the help of a reputable personal injury attorney. Employers are not on your side when it comes to getting benefits for your injury. Employers, especially those in the construction industry, are known to do whatever they can to deny an employee’s benefits. From blaming the accident on the victim to trying to claim the victim had a pre-existing injury, employers will pull out all the stops. When you suffer a personal injury in Indianapolis at your construction site, make sure you get the help you need. This help includes compensation for lost wages, medical coverage and lump-sum settlements.

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