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What’s A Good Place for an Electrician in Richardson TX to Work?

Once an electrician in Richardson TX has finished his four or five years of on the job training, his classroom studies and has taken his licensing exam, where is the best place to work? Electricians install and maintain wiring and electrical apparatus in homes and businesses, they also work in factories where they are responsible for installing and maintaining machinery. Most electricians are hourly paid but there are exceptions and they get paid a salary, the pay and the plan depends on the nature of the work.

Although overtime is often required, the normal work week for an electrician in Richardson TX is 40 hours. Electricians who work in electrical maintenance may work nights and weekends as factories cam work around the clock. Electricians, especially those who work on domestic installations and repairs are often on call at any time of the day and night and electricians who work in companies that operate around the clock are broken into three shifts.

In the most recent surveys, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage of an electrician in Richardson TX was $20.97 per hour. The survey showed that the highest paid 10% of the electricians made $34.95 an hour and the lowest 10% were paid $12.76 an hour. The middle 50% or the greatest majority made between $16.07 and $27.71 per hour.

The same Bureau of Labor Statistics say that a full 80% of electricians in Richardson TX are self employed or they work in construction. The self employed electrician will often work in the residential area installing and maintaining electrical appliances in the home, as they are self employed they have to be able to give accurate cost estimates and predict the full cost of the labor and materials used for a job. Self employed residential electricians earned on average $20.47 per hour while electricians who worked in non-residential environments as self employed contractors made slightly more, $20.58 per hour.

An electrician in Richardson TX who works for the local government makes on average $23.80 per hour. His responsibilities are maintaining the street lights and traffic lights in the city as well as maintaining the electrical service and equipment in government buildings.

Electricians who elect to work in the electrical power industry are responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The electrician in Richardson TX who works in this field often works for the manufacturer of electrical distribution equipment, the work is extremely complex and dangerous id not handled properly. Electricians working in this field are paid more than others, with the median income being $26.62 per hour.

Regardless of which field an electrician chooses to work in, the work is well paid and steady.

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