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What Does An Auto Wrecker In Tinley Park Do?

An auto wrecker in Tinley Park can be two different things, a vehicle which responds to an accident or breakdown, also called a tow truck, and a place where cars are wrecked and disposed of.

The auto wrecker that shows up at the scene of the accident are called after the event occurs. They are not only charged with the responsibility of removing the vehicle from the scene, the drivers are also responsible for cleaning up the debris left over from the accident. They must sweep away broken glass; mop up gasoline spills and other hazardous waste. Once the accident site is clean and secure the auto wrecker in Tinley Park takes the vehicle to a garage, repair center or police impound center. Auto wreckers that attend accidents are often times flat beds as the car may not be in a condition to tow, breakdowns are more frequently attended to by standard tow trucks or wreckers. Auto wreckers, especially flat bed units are used by car and truck disposal firms who go to a client’s home and carry a wrecked or junk car away to a salvage yard.

An auto wrecker in Tinley Park can also be a wrecking yard, also card a junk yard or scrap yard. This is a business which specializes in storing, dismantling, and disposing of old cars which no longer are road worthy. The public are free to enter these places and buy parts or whole cars if they are so inclined. Total wrecks are recycled and the materials are then sold back to the mills and material manufacturers. At least 80% of the cars materials can be recycled. Steel, no ferrous materials such as aluminum, rubber, plastics, glass, and lead are all materials which can easily be recycled. The car is crushed and put in a huge grinder; the output of the grinder is then separated into the different materials.

An auto wrecker in Tinley Park can maximize on the value of his stock by selling individual parts to the public or to companies that specialize in remanufacturing parts that are then sold at auto supply houses. When the car gets to the auto wrecker it is more than often not drive able but to wrecker this means nothing. If a person needs a door to replace one that was smashed in and cannot be repaired, then the wrecker can sell him the door and make considerable cash from the sale. When the vehicles are parted out, engines, transmissions rear ends etc are the candidates for remanufacturing. There are companies who take the engines apart, replace any damaged or worn parts, reassemble them and sell them as rebuilt parts.

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