What are the Environmental Reasons for Cremation?

Cremation is becoming the popular alternative to traditional burial or entombment. The practise of cremating the dead has been acceptable since time immemorial. Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and some of the Zoroastrian faith have been practising cremation for thousands of years and it is the chosen and acceptable means of disposing of the mortal remains of the deceased.

Cremating the dead is a more convenient and les What are the Environmental Reasons for Cremation?s costly method of returning a dead body to nature. Many also view the process to be simple and less elaborate than a traditional churchyard burial. Some people despair at the thought of their dead relative’s remains decaying under the soil. Consigning the body to flames is a fast and sanitary way to dispose of mortal remains. Cremating the body does not demand embalming of the body or purchase of a costly casket. If a casket is required it can be hired for a small fee.

Those who choose to cremate their loved ones must produce a death certificate from the attending physician or coroner. The body can be stored in a temperature controlled room for at least 24 hours until all documentation is received. The next of kin must also give permission for the procedure. The local coroner must give his or her assent in writing before the actual procedure is performed.

Cremating may be considered more preferable for environmental reasons. The burial of a dead body in a wooden casket results in the contamination of the soil caused by the decay of the body and the coffin. Traditional burial plots are very scarce in large cities. If available they are very expensive and out of the reach of normal families. Christianity had previously discouraged the practise of cremation and burial was the only acceptable means for disposing the dead. However, many denominations including the Roman Catholic Church have slowly come to accept this form of disposal as a safe and hygienic method. Although once considered a pagan practise, it was performed in Medieval Europe when there were too many corpses accumulating due to dire circumstances like war, pestilence or a natural disaster. Cremation was a safe way to stop the spread of diseases caused by open decomposition.

Europeans and Americans are increasingly resorting to cremating the bodies of their deceased loved ones. As land becomes scarcer, cremation practises are well on the rise even among orthodox sects that had previously forbidden the practise of cremation. Reading, PA residents can find crematories that practise safe, hygienic and instant cremations with dignity and minimum fuss.

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