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The Finer Points of Omega Watch Repair in San Francisco

The owner of a high quality timepiece will want to be sure any repairs are done by accomplished repair professionals, using quality parts. Omega watch repair in San Francisco involves repair personnel with years of experience with not only repairing watches but with repairing Omega watches in particular. So why is there the need for precision when repairing fine timepieces?


The Omega watch brand is known world and space-wide for its exacting precision. When accuracy counts, Omega is the choice and has been for NASA in their space exploration. Omega watches are also used in the Olympic Games and have been for the past 24 games. When you talk about precision to the hundredth of a second, which is what the Olympic time keepers need in every competition.

Omega watch repair in San Francisco has to maintain that precision when an Omega watch is brought in for adjustment, maintenance and repair. Omega parts must be used to repair the Omega watch to maintain the precision it is known for.

Pristine and Durable

A tough, durable watch does not have to be ugly. A durable, strong, quality watch is the Omega with beauty and durability enough to be used in dozens of James Bond movies. Personnel doing Omega watch repair in San Francisco must, again, use Omega parts to repair even the smallest spring to maintain the durable reputation.

Some of the more durable brands of the Omega watch have a watchcase constructed of grade 5 titanium, which is one of the strongest metals resistant to scratch and marring. Omega guarantees a watch with repair and parts for a minimum of 20 years from the production date.

Swiss Made

Since 1848, Switzerland has been manufacturing the Omega watch that is known today for its fine quality and durability. Often, Omega watch repair in San Francisco is done by a qualified professional to assure the integrity of the watch is maintained.

Fakes and knock-offs are a concern for the individual who wants to assure the purchase of a genuine Omega watch. The Omega watch should be purchased from an authorized Omega retailer. Only this individual will be able to supply the consumer with the warranty that contains the watch reference and the eight-digit serial number.

Genuine watch repair will be done with genuine Omega material and also with Omega tools and equipment when the Omega integrity is on the line.

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