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Secure your Home with the Fireplace Screen Doors

During the cold season, nothing is more inviting than a warm fire in the house. It is just like having your cake and eating it. The fireplace will not only radiate warmth but it will make your home cozy and beautiful. When the fire is lit, you can go about your normal duties and let it burn without having to tend it so much. However, if you have small children in the house, it is easy to turn this warmth into a hazard. Prevent such possibilities by getting fireplace screen doors to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Children can be oblivious to the dangers associated with fire and as such, may think it is a good idea to play near the fire. If you are not seated watching the fire burn, you should take adequate control measures. Apart from the children wandering so close near the fire, the risk may also be realized if you have logs that are burning aggressively and letting out sparks. These sparks can fly directly to you, your children or your rugs and sofa causing damage irrespective of where they land. fireplace screen doors can eliminate such worries by offering you the protection you need.

It is recommended to secure the fireplace with two resistance layers for better protection. The inner layer of the fireplace screen doors normally consist of a ‘spark guard’, which essentially traps the sparks jumping out of the fire. Knowing how tiny these sparks can be, the guard is made of fine mesh so that no spark however small, can go through. The mesh also allows the free flow of air into and out of the fire, which is necessary for it to burn.

The second layer of the Fireplace screen doors is the nursery screen or the sturdy fire screen. It has a cage like protection around it and is much stronger to prevent children from harm’s way. Should your kids or pets wander away towards the fire, they will not be able to access the fire at all.

Apart from ensuring safety in your home, Fireplace screen doors will also enhance the look of your fireplace. It will not be left open especially when you are not using it. If you use logs to light your fire, then you know how unsightly the aftermath can be. With beautiful screen doors, you can keep your home looking good at all times irrespective of whether the fire is lit or not.

Fireplace screen doors are made from different materials and in different designs. If you are looking for antique, polished metals, or cast iron, you have a large variety to choose from when shopping for them. Just ensure they keep you safe and look good at the same time.

Go online and view images of some of the most popular Fireplace screen doors. Choose from a wide selection and enjoy the warmth of your fire in a secure environment. For more information visit thefiresideshop.com.