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HVAC Repair In Manassas – Common Problems With Central Air Conditioning Systems

A central air conditioning system is one of the most popular choices for residential heating and cooling, so if you have this kind of device installed in your home, you ought to learn a little bit about HVAC repair in Manassas. While you may be lucky and not even need HVAC repair in Manassas, it is possible that a malfunction may occur over time due to maintenance issues or mechanical errors. Sometimes, these complications can go unnoticed and if you fail to detect a problem, you could be waiting for expensive repair and energy bills. A central air conditioner will be available in package and split systems. The following complications are common with both kinds of central air conditioner, so take on board the advice to determine if you need HVAC repair in Manassas.

HVAC Repair In Manassas – Will Not Cool

If your central air conditioner does not cool properly, it is possible that you will need to contact a professional for HVAC repair in Manassas. There are two reasons why a central air conditioner may not produce cool air. The first possibility is that the machine is lacking in refrigerant and the second possibility is that debris is affecting air flow. If the device does not produce cool air after you dislodge debris and top up the refrigerant, a service technician should be contacted immediately. This is so that a conclusion can be met regarding repairs or potential replacements.

HVAC Repair In Manassas – Water Pooling

If the condensate on a device does not disperse properly, water will begin to accumulate. This is called water pooling and is a clear indication that you need HVAC repair in Manassas. You can figure out why the problem is occurring by locating the tube that transports condensation from the unit to the pan itself. The tube may have a leak in it and if you notice no cracks, the condensate pump may be at fault. If you are noticing recurring water pooling, a technician must be contacted so that they can diagnose the problem and repair it.

HVAC Repair In Manassas – Lack Of Power

Any heating and cooling device that does not switch on when you want it to will definitely need HVAC repair in Manassas. The thermostat may be the underlying issue here or alternatively, the device may not turn on because of a power issue with the breaker box. Alternatively, wires may be corroded or a more serious problem might need attention from an experienced technician who performs device repairs.

If you do not get HVAC repair in Manassas when you detect an abnormality, you could be paying too much for energy. Visit refrigeration-systems.com to get a price for these services.