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From Walls to Whiteboards

Dry erase boards are handy for most everyone, and their use isn’t limited to just a few things. Dry erase boards are a favorite in professional settings for jotting down and organizing information, as well as in schools and homes for taking notes and leaving memos for all to share. Where there are children present, dry erase boards are nice to have around because kids love to scribble all over anything they can find, and dry erase keeps them occupied as they create to their hearts’ content. No matter who uses them, dry erase surfaces are beneficial in that they allow us to write and draw without leaving a permanent mess. Since dry erase boards have become established as a must-have item in most every setting, the concept has sparked a growing interest in the longer lasting version of dry erase wall coverings.

With dry erase surfaces, you can put pretty much anything down, then wipe the slate clean when you want to start over again. However, sometimes space might be an issue. Maybe a standard dry erase whiteboard isn’t big enough for everything we need to write down. With dry erase wall coverings, turn entire wall surfaces into canvases onto which to write, draw, or scribble anything we like. This can be very efficient for businesses where copious note-taking is required, and it’s also good for those cases where the kids need something to keep them occupied; no need to worry about them marking up the walls when you can just wipe it all off within seconds, no harm no foul.

There are several different kinds of dry erase wall coverings available. One of the most common varieties is dry erase wallpaper. These, of course, are adhesive sheets that can be applied to walls. Most of them have smooth, white surfaces so that markings show up more clearly; but there are also transparent varieties available. These have the benefit of providing a useful dry erase surface without looking too conspicuous.

Dry erase paint is another type of covering that is often used on walls. Since they can often be applied with more precision than adhesive coverings and tend to be either transparent or plain white, these substances can easily pass for ordinary wall paint. Coating entire rooms in dry erase paint provides users with a virtually limitless work area, allowing them to freely write wherever they choose and simply clean it off later. Aside from the many practical uses this offers, it also provides a great creative outlet for artistic expression; you can use it as a means to decorate any room whichever way you choose.

There are different kinds of dry erase wall coverings, and they can flawlessly serve to increase productivity while sprucing up the surroundings.

Dry Erase Wall Covering – Wink’s dry erase wall coverings turn any paintable surface into a place to write, erase, and repeat. Just grab a dry erase marker and start sharing ideas, organizing and creating, everywhere, without the limits of a whiteboard. To learn more about Wink, visit website email info@wallsloveink.com or call 800.632.9465.