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Dry Erase Paint for the Classroom

Generally, when kids hear the word “school,” the last thought on their mind is how fun it is. For a lot of kids, school is often a confining experience, and they just can’t wait to get home and go about the business of being a kid. Really, we can’t much blame them; the classroom can easily become monotonous. And that’s not to say it’s any better for the teachers, either. Writing things down on whiteboard can get quite tedious, especially considering how everything has to be erased once all the space has been used up. This can also be annoying for children who are slower at taking notes and don’t have time to copy things off the board before it’s wiped away. However, there’s a new, creative solution to an old, boring problem: dry erase paint. Dry erase paint is readily available, and can create untold extra writing space while making the classroom more engaging and interactive for the children.

Dry erase paint serves the same purposes as your standard whiteboard or chalkboard. While the old standbys provide a surface for the teacher to write notes on and draw diagrams on so that the students can then use them in their studies, the huge advantage to dry erase paint is that it can, in a way, transform an entire classroom into one big whiteboard, surpassing the confines of a bordered chalkboard or whiteboard. Dry erase paint can be applied to just about any surface, and when it dries, it becomes a great medium for making non-permanent marks. Businesspeople are aware of its practical applications and often use it in the workplace, and it’s beginning to gain widespread use in enriching educational environments, as well. Since dry erase paint knocks off the borders of the teaching space, there is more for leaving teaching notes up for extended periods of time before erasing, allowing students more time to take the information in, as well as extended periods of time for ongoing concepts.

For younger students, dry erase paint may also be used to make class more interesting and engaging. It seems like kids have a natural affinity for the practice of writing on walls; why not give them free reign to do so, with the knowledge that it won’t cause any permanent damage? During recess, when all the note-taking is done, the students will have somewhere to be creative and draw to their hearts’ content. And there’s no reason to limit them to using only black ink, either; supply them with an assortment of colored markers and watch bursts of inspiration and color enliven the atmosphere. You may even find lasting art to keep around for a while.

Black Dry Erase Paint – Wink’s dry erase paint transforms any paintable surface in the classroom into a place to write, erase, and repeat. Just grab a dry erase marker and start sharing ideas, organizing and creating, everywhere, without the limits of a whiteboard. To learn more about Wink, visit website email info@wallsloveink.com or call 800.632.9465.