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Diamonds in Reston: All You Need to Know

Buying a diamond is a major investment. Besides the various colors, cuts and settings available in diamond jewelry, you’ll also want to consider clarity, weight and several other important factors that could play into your decision. Before purchasing diamond jewelry, it’s best to have a basic understanding of what diamonds are and their value. Learn more about diamonds before making the move to own one.

Diamond Cut

Diamonds are not naturally oval or “princess” shaped. Before they are cut, they look more like pieces of glass than actual diamonds. Diamonds must be delicately cut and polished to achieve the brilliant look of a finished diamond seen set in rings, bracelets and necklaces. Consider the cut when purchasing a diamond. Some people prefer the elegant look of a round or marquise diamond, while others like the simplicity of an emerald or pear shaped diamond.

Carat Weight

Diamonds in Reston can be found in a wide variety of sizes and weight. Their quality and size are used to determine their “grade” and value. Diamonds are measured universally in carats. Larger, pure diamonds are rarely found in nature, making them of higher value. Carats are also divided into “points.” For example, one carat equals 100 points. Therefore, a ½ carat diamond would be 0.5 carats. A diamond’s size and weight will merely depend on the individual wants and needs of the customer.

Diamond Clarity

Most diamonds have natural blemishes on their surface, known as “inclusions.” This is because a large majority of all diamonds have miniscule traces of gasses, minerals or other elements that become trapped inside during the crystallization process. Like birth marks, these inclusions are always unique and many cannot be seen with the naked eye. Less than 1 percent of all diamonds have no inclusions and are considered completely flawless. No matter the grade, diamonds have a natural beauty that makes them the perfect stone for jewelry.

Colors and Tints

While many of the diamonds we see today are crystal clear, they can be found in a number of brilliant colors. Some have a subtle yellow hue while others hold brown tones. A diamond’s color is also considered when giving it a grade. Grades for diamond color begin at “D” and run through the alphabet. For example, absolutely colorless diamonds are giving a D grade. Diamonds in Reston can be found in vivid blues, reds, greens, pinks and bright yellows, although naturally these colors are extremely rare.

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