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Diamonds In Bethesda – Three Diamond Ring Settings

The beauty of a piece of jewelry will not only be reflected through the metal type and the clarity of the gems you choose but also, through the settings that you select for diamonds in Bethesda. Various ring settings are available to buyers with pave, channel and prong being the most popular. If you are buying a diamond ring, you will likely be investing in this jewelry as a gift or a token of your love. Whatever the reason, it is vital that you make a ring favorable for the person wearing it, so that it can be worn on a regular basis. Building the perfect ring for someone is easy when you discover three different ring settings for diamonds in Bethesda.

Diamonds In Bethesda – Pave Setting

The pave setting for diamonds in Bethesda can be noticed when a ring is clustered by tiny diamonds. This technique is widely chosen because it looks very elegant and strategically done. The reason for this being called the pave setting is because it looks much like a pavement, where tiles or slabs are carefully placed in a tight-knit pattern. Holes will be drilled into the ring with this setting, so that small diamonds in Bethesda can be placed inside. The pave setting comprises of many rows of diamonds and while it appears they are touching, they actually are not. With the pave setting, the final result will look better when the diamonds are cut perfectly.

Diamonds In Bethesda – Channel Setting

Another setting when buying rings complete with diamonds in Bethesda will be the channel setting. This option looks very sleek and simple, while creating an ever-lasting effect. Metal bars cordon off each of the diamonds in Bethesda, so they look very close but spaced enough so that you can appreciate each individual piece. Round diamonds are chosen to expand around the sides of the band and what is great about the channel setting is that the small pieces of metal shield the diamonds from any damage.

Diamonds In Bethesda – Prong Setting

Solitaire diamonds in Bethesda will benefit from the prong setting. Many wedding rings are crafted with the prong setting and with this option; the diamond will be set in a very secure way, while exaggerating the maximum amount of brilliance. For the diamond to stay fastened in its place above the band itself, platinum or gold wires will be used to curve around the precious stone. The color of the wire will depend entirely on what metal you select for the actual ring. For the diamonds in Bethesda to appear more dominant, the prong setting focuses on raising it as high as possible above the shank.

Other settings that you may admire for your diamonds in Bethesda will be the bezel setting, the cluster setting or the bead setting. At website, you can find a range of diamond jewelry with various designs.