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Consider First Class Maintenance from a Rolex Service Center

If you are a proud owner of a Rolex, congratulations. You have made a wonderful decision and are now part of thousands around the world who are able to show off their impeccable taste for luxury and sophistication. In order to keep your Rolex working as it should be, as well as ensuring that it always looks amazing, maintenance from a Rolexservicecenter is highly recommended. Only an authorized Rolex retailer and repair center should ever be allowed to work on your Rolex. This watch as an investment and you don’t want to trust its care to anything less than a Rolexservicecenter.


When you take your much loved Rolex watch into an authorized Rolex watch repair center, there are certain things that they will do. For example, in order to reduce friction in the inner workings of the watch, the master Rolex repairperson will lubricate the small, synthetic jewels that the wheels of the watch sit on. In addition to this type of lubrication, you will find that the master repairperson will disassemble, clean and lubricate all of the inner workings of the watch. If anything is in need of repair, those repairs will also be expertly completed.

Another thing that you should expect during the maintenance of your Rolex is that everything will be regulated. This means that they will ensure that each gear in the watch is moving and timed exactly as it should be per the manufacturers recommendations. You will also find that the case and the band will be cleaned thoroughly and the battery will be changed on any quartz model. You should note that your Rolex may not run on a battery, many do not, so you shouldn’t expect a battery change in this case. Finally, if your Rolex is a model that is considered waterproof, a waterproof test will be done to ensure that the standards set forth by the manufacturer are upheld.


You may be wondering where you should take your Rolex watch for professional maintenance. It is important that you only take your Rolex to an authorized repair center, of course. Which one, however, is up to you. Many people choose to take their Rolex to a local service center that has been authorized by the brand but others choose to send their watch in the mail. If you are going to send your Rolex to a shop through the mail, make sure that it is insured for the full amount, just in case.

No matter where you choose to take your Rolex for maintenance, the important thing is that you are getting the maintenance done. Only by ensuring that this is done every 5-6 years can you be sure that your Rolex will last for decades.

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