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A Workers Compensation Attorney In PA Will Protect Your Rights

If you are injured at work, there are procedures that you need to follow to ensure that you are able to get compensation for your injuries. The pain you suffer could cause you to be off the job for a long time, so you will open a worker’s compensation case, and you may need the services of a Workers compensation attorney PA.

The first thing you should do when you’re injured on the job is to inform your boss. Your direct supervisor will need to fill out some paperwork to get your worker’s compensation services started. Even if you have to be taken to get emergency medical services, you should inform your boss if you possibly can.

Even after you have been to the emergency room or seen your own doctor, your job will probably want you to go see one of their doctors. They may tell you that your case can’t progress any further until you see one of their doctors. They may want you to take a drug test. They may even tell you that if your refuse to take a drug test, you could be fired from your job.

You have a right to have a Workers compensation attorney PA to give you advice on what you should do or not do, no matter what your boss may tell you. The sooner you get your Workers compensation attorney PA the better. Not only will their advice keep your job secure, they will make sure that your employer isn’t trying to take advantage of your injured condition to get you to do things that the company can use against you, especially if you need to file suit against them.

Make sure you tell your lawyer as much as you can remember about how the accident and injury occurred. Tell them what you were told about your injuries at the emergency room and give them authorization to get copies of the records of your treatment there. Let them know who your doctor is and sign an authorization to get copies or the treatment records as it relates to the accident injuries.

Your worker’s compensation services may start with the paperwork your boss begins to fill out, but it may end up with the help of your Workers compensation attorney PA protecting your legal rights, getting you fair compensation and preventing you from losing your job.

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