How Veneers can Make Over your Smile Nov18


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How Veneers can Make Over your Smile

Nothing is as impressive as a pleasing and attractive smile. A friendly smile can win over just about anyone. That’s why an unsightly smile caused by gaps in your teeth, or slightly stained or crooked teeth can be a setback to your social life or professional career. A dental treatment like dental veneers can change your image to give you a more confident smile and pleasing appearance.

When you have stained teeth, a dental professional can often suggest bleaching or whitening treatments to rectify the problem. But in some cases, deeply stained teeth cannot be treated satisfactorily. Stains caused by prolonged use of antibiotic drugs like tetracycline, are deep brown or grayish in color, and not easy to remove. Teeth whitening and bleaching are only successful if the staining is not too deep. The best option to deal with such stains is porcelain veneers. Those with minimal staining can use whitening or bleach treatments for around 6 months and possibly attain satisfactory, lasting results. Qualified dental professionals should supervise such treatments to ensure that damage to the gums or enamel does not take place.

A non-invasive procedure that effectively removes bad staining and other minor defects like slightly misaligned teeth, gaps in the teeth etc. is the application of porcelain veneers. Veneers are often referred to as dental laminates and consist of custom-made wafer thin shells or caps constructed out of tooth colored substances. These customized shells are affixed to the front of the teeth and bonded with the surface. Laminates are permanent and should only be affixed by a qualified dentist with experience and knowhow.

Laminates are made of resin composites or preferably from porcelain. Resin composite materials can be cheaper and thinner than the porcelain option, but porcelain is a better alternative for cosmetic reasons. Porcelain better imitates the natural reflecting properties of natural enamel and is more effective in resisting stains than resin laminates. Your dentist can advise you of the options that are available to you and what would appropriately suit your needs.

The following conditions are usually treated with resin or porcelain laminates:

• Tooth discolorations from root canal treatments, antibiotic drug use, fluorosis or large resin fillings in the teeth.
• Worn down teeth.
• Chipped or broken teeth.
• Misaligned teeth, irregularly shaped (too small or too long) or uneven teeth.
• Teeth with unseemly gaps.

When you want an improved smile, the answer may lie in veneers. Virginia Beach residents can rely on the professional advice and treatment from local dentists for their cosmetic dental needs.

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