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You’re Choice of Day Trips When Selecting an Everglades Excursion

There are numerous tours and day trips that can be ventured on when enjoying Everglades excursions. Beginning with Everglades National Park, established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1947 the park is 40 miles wide and has 100 miles of waterways to explore. Just about any sort of Everglades excursions is available to the hiker, biker, water enthusiasts, boater, camper, and wildlife enthusiast.

Kayaking is a wonderful form of exercise that can be done at any pace that’s comfortable for the paddler. There are a number of different kayaking tours available in the Everglades National Park that cover miles and miles of Everglades coast line. You can take a full day’s tour for six hours at a leisurely pace while examining the lush Florida mangroves up close. This will enable you to go places that one just can’t access by motorized vehicles. They offer guided tours which are recommended as the park is over 100 miles long and has many creeks, streams, rivers, bays, and lakes that connect by water, making it easy to lose your direction unaided. Some kayak tours even offer lunch and dinner before camping at the water’s edge, where after breakfast the next morning your headed back up the waterway to the beginning destination.

If hiking is more your speed there are countless trails that will immerse you deep into the wilderness allowing you to view the many different animals and birds that call the Everglades home. This unique habitat will enable you to see everything from the famed American Alligators, to the exotic pink flamingos, as well as leatherback turtles, and even the threatened and majestic species of the sea cow known as the Florida Manatee. The Everglades excursions available make it easy to view all these species and more, whether you’re an interested student, or just an animal enthusiast. There are many conservation groups that make the Everglades their number one project and work all year round to ensure its protection and longevity.

The 100 miles of Wilderness Waterways can be paddled along in a 7 day excursion complete with camping gear and wildlife guide. For those who are interested in seeing the complete passages from stream, to creek, to pond, to lake there are speed boat Everglades excursions that allow you to take in the entire length of the Everglades in just 5 hours. These motorized boat tours also offer an overnight stay, as the trip there and back is difficult to make in just one day, even with starting early in the morning.

No matter what way you choose to tour the lush and natural habitat Southern Florida has to offer, know that going on Everglades excursions will be a trip you’ll not soon forget.

See all that the Southern Coast of Florida has to offer by taking one of over 100 types of Everglades excursions. For a list of the most popular choices you need look no further than Eco Safari, your leader in Everglades tourism.