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What to Know about Bicycle Repair in San Francisco

Taking a peaceful bike ride through the winding streets of San Francisco is a beautiful way to take in the sights of the city. There are a variety of places to rent your bikes that will offer you suggestions for sightseeing routes and pleasurable sights not to miss. If you are going to take long bike rides through the city, you should understand the basics of bicycle repair in San Francisco in case you ever get caught in an emergency.

More than a Patch

Most bicyclists carry a tire patch kit and nothing else, assuming the repair kit will take care of any trouble they might have. Unfortunately, not all flat tires can be repaired with a patch. If the leak is large enough, a patch will not do the trick and a spare inner tube will be needed to fix the problem.


A common bicycle repair in San Francisco that needs to be performed is repair for a broken chain. It is normal for the chain to snap, making it important for any bicycle rider to know how to remove the broken link and bring the chain back together. All that is needed to put the chain back together is a chain tool that is simple enough to carry around in a small pouch.

Miscellaneous Repairs

Any part of a bicycle can come loose at any given point, which is why it is necessary to carry all-purpose tools, such as a wrench. Before you take off for your trip, take a moment to ensure the wrench fits all the parts on the bike, such as seats, handlebars, pedals and brakes. It is common for these items to become loose and need a quick tightening. Without the proper tool, the parts will continually come loose and eventually stop working altogether, giving you a bigger issue to worry about.

Taking scenic bicycle rides through San Francisco is a beautiful way to see the city. Before you head out, it is important to ensure you have all the necessities that make bicycle repair in San Francisco simple and stress free. There is nothing worse than having a bike that cannot be ridden, causing you to find alternative transportation back to your starting point. Taking the time to ensure you have a tire patch, spare inner tube, chain tool and general purpose tool will help your bicycle ride be enjoyable and stress free.

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