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Tree Care Falls Church – What Are The Different Services Involved?

Trees usually do not require a lot of care. They are designed by nature to grow on their own. Nevertheless, trees that are grown in urban and residential areas need care because they cannot be allowed to grow wild. If you have trees in your garden, you need to take care of them. Besides ensuring that they are not infested with pests, trees in your garden need to be pruned, trimmed and preserved. Diseased and unsightly trees not only ruin the aesthetic appeal of your space but also spread the infection quickly to other plants and ruin the whole landscape. Tree care involves treatment of diseased trees and many more services. Read on below for the various tree care services provided in Falls Church.

Pest control
The basic service provided by tree care agencies is pest control. A large number of pests infect trees. In order to provide the right treatment, it is important to zero in on the pest which causes the havoc. At the same time, is necessary to ensure that the natural balance between predators and prey which inhabit trees is not ruined. This means that pests should not be completely eliminated but the number should be curtailed so that the tree is not damaged. There are other creatures which inhabit the tree and feed on these pests. These creatures help the tree in several ways. So, there has to be a balance in treatment.

Growth regulators
In order to ensure that trees grow well, growth regulation treatment is provided. This treatment increases the health of the tree and reduces vegetative growth. Trees develop better, have healthier leaves which photosynthesize better and the tree bears better fruits. Growth regulation treatments also make the tree more enabled to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Pruning of trees is equivalent to grooming in human beings. When trees are pruned, the dead leaves and branches are cut and the tree is trimmed so that it does not damage electricity lines or other aerial cables. Pruning also ensures that the tree maintains a nice shape which is aesthetically appealing. The process needs to be done very carefully because excessive pruning can bring down the health of the tree.

Tree removal
Although having trees around the home is wonderful, there are situations when trees need to be felled. Dead trees need to be removed immediately because the longer they exist, the more dangerous they get. For one, they become weak and might collapse easily during rains and storms. Also, since they become weak, it might not be safe for an arborist to bring it down. A lot of tact and skill is needed here.

Besides these, tree care agencies in Falls Church provide several other services such as stump grinding, soil and root treatment, emergency tree felling and tree preservation, among others.

Growing Earth Tree Care services in Falls Church is an ISA certified award winning agency which provides a wide range of tree care services. The company has been operational since 1976. For more details about the company, please visit website.