The Importance Of Taking Your Business Internet Service For Granted

Once you choose the right business internet service in Columbus, you should be able to take your internet service for granted. In other words, it should work so well that you get no complaints, either from your IT department or from customers that access your internal website. With a good internet service, you should expect to forget that it is even there.

The first thing a business internet service in Columbus should offer is exceptionally low downtime. If the network is down, then you will definitely hear about it. Some consider this the most important aspect of their internet service, from a customer viewpoint. Almost everyone has experienced downtime with a website. Even some of the most famous and popular websites – including those offering internet book sales, DVD and streaming video delivery, and online auction sites – have downtimes. They will generally inform their customers after the fact that they had some technical difficulty or were the victims of a denial of service attack. This all makes sense to the mind. But it still looks terrible. It’s the online version of breaking the cardinal rule of not having your physical store open and ready when your customer expects it. Granted, internet technologies are complex, but in this instance, you need experts who can deal with these issues and limit your downtime.

The second thing that a good business internet service in Columbus should be able to guarantee is bandwidth. You have to do your part to support this requirement by investing in enough bandwidth to support your service. Your internet service company can work with you to make sure you have sufficient bandwidth and that you have not contracted for more than you need. They can monitor your traffic to give you an idea if your capacity matches your demand. Some companies choose to limit their bandwidth in order to save money. When their customers complain, they give them the run-around, putting them on the spot to prove there’s a problem. This is a huge mistake. Your customers will know better than anyone how fast your site may be accessed. You can probably get away with this for a little while as long as your competitors site is not faster. But your customers will remember that you failed to delight them, and will jump ship as quickly as a competitor offers the opportunity.

A third requirement for a good business internet service in Columbus is coverage, particularly if you have multi-location offices. Your IT department will confirm that you want a single point of contact for all of your internet needs, particularly when inevitable problems arrived and you don’t want multiple providers playing the blame game.

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