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Stump Removal Methods and Stump Grinding Machines in Falls Church

Stump removal is necessary because it can be harmful due to termite, or it can make the landscape look ugly. Moreover, Feng Shui believers think it as bad and accidents can also occur. If you live in Falls Church you can find various companies for stump grinding, which apply different methods according to the nature of the stump, cost, and time required for stump removing. You might be aware of these methods as,

  1. Digging through a machine or using hands
  2. Pushing as well as pulling technique
  3. Trenches
  4. Stump removal with grinders
  5. Blasting
  6. Burning
  7. Chemicals

Digging with hands is very time consuming, and tiresome, but it’s cheap. All you have to do is to dig the soil from around the stump, and when enough holes are created, you can remove the stump with the help of a chain. But, this method can work only for small and week tree stumps.

Whereas, in a pushing method a tractor is used to push the stump. The methods involved in pushing, and pulling consist of root racking, and stump splitting, which need heavy machines. Depending on your needs you can use any method for stump removal including stump grinding in Falls Church.

Tools involved in pulling are winches, cables, and pulleys, besides before an operation, the soil is made wet with water, and then tree stump is pulled. The extraction can be enhanced using a trencher, and soil saw. Before pulling you should completely review the nature of the roots, and their diameter. Similarly some roots are hard, whereas some are soft; hence the force is applied according to the situation.

Stump Grinders

Stump grinding is the most common and best way used for this purpose, and the machines used are either hand driven or machine driven. The engine size also depends on the machine size, as it is large for a large a machine, and small for a small machine. There are various models of stump grinders as:

Hand operated stump grinder: This is very light in weight and easy to operate, and this comes in two models termed as HB-19, and this is suitable for small areas, where large machines cannot work.

A grinder with a handle bar: The model used for this purpose is HB20XP, and it is developed with a side winder. This is also suitable for small area stumps, and a special pivot is given in its base, which makes the grinding easy. A gas engine is developed with a speed of 27 hp to make the operation faster. There are many other models in this category as, 2150XP, 2250XP, 2450XP, and 2890XP.

Towable grinder: In this type a truck is required, on which the grinder can be towed, and any ordinary truck can work in this regard. A 48 inch tongue is attached to the machine, which enables the grinding process easier. It has a telescope, which can detect the stump deep down the ground. The models include 2800, and 3200XP, and the latter type is different in its tongue which is 60 inches, and it can reach much deeper.

Track grinders: There are three models in this type, and they are engine driven. This type is developed for larger stumps, and the models include, 2900XP, 3200XP, and 3400XP.

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