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Pinpointing the Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy, just like most healing methods and procedures, is something that takes a great deal of time and dedication in order to achieve the desired results. Most patients that participate in physical therapy programs have sustained an injury, illness or condition that has left them in less-than-optimal physical health. The role of a physical therapist is to help their patients strengthen their bodies through a series of repetitive and safe exercises, with the goal of achieving the level of strength and mobility they possessed before the accident or illness occurred. Additionally, physical therapists aim to get patients to a place where they are physical strong enough to avoid future injuries or accidents. In this way, physical therapists approach their healing role as both an immediate response to a need and also a preventative care measure.

How physical therapy is used in rehabilitation

Physical therapy is a major part of most all rehabilitation programs. In the city of Philadelphia, it plays a particularly important part alongside other therapies including chiropractic care as well as acupuncture in a rehabilitation setting. Physical therapists play an important role in educating rehabilitation patients on their current limitations, and helping them set physical goals for the future. They also act as a liaison for the patient’s family in allowing them access to information about the patient’s condition, and giving them the opportunity to witness his or her physical progress through a variety of strengthening exercises. In addition, physical therapists will work with patients to successfully perform regular exercises that have the potential to reduce joint swelling, improve balance and strengthen the body overall.

Types of physical therapy and therapists

Physical therapy can help improve patients differently, depending on the severity or cause of the initial injury or illness. There are several different types of physical therapy, and therefore, a number of physical therapists who specialize in certain patients, procedures or recovery methods. The most common type of physical therapist is an orthopedic physical therapist who works with patients who have suffered injuries to major bones including breaks and fractures. There are also physical therapists who specialize in pediatric patients and on the other end of the spectrum, senior patients who require more time investment and specialized strength training. No matter what their specialty, physical therapists are an integral part of any rehabilitation program and are utilized frequently alongside other specialized therapists in order for patients to achieve optimum recover results in the long run.

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