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My brake pedal goes down all the way when I stop, do I need Brake Service Rockville?

It can easily be argued that the braking system in a vehicle is the single most important system. No matter how awesome your engine is and how much horse power it has if your braking system is shoddy there is nothing to prevent you from slamming into a tree once you’ve engaged all of those horses. If you are experiencing problems with your brakes it is no laughing matter. So let’s discuss whether or not you need Brake Service Rockville.

If you’ve ever experienced stepping on your brakes and having them go all the way down to the floor before the vehicle stops then you know how scary that is. When we engage our brakes we expect an immediate response to the lightest tap. When this response is delayed, especially to this degree, it causes fear and concern. It is with good reason that we should be concerned if our brakes are not engaging right away. This condition should never be ignored as it could lead to a dangerous accident. But what are some reasons that brakes respond this way and does it require Brake Service in Rockville?

If the pedal goes down all the way when we stop it could mean any number of problems. A simple process of elimination can help ease our minds and prevent further problems from developing. The first culprit could be low brake fluid. When you step on the brakes the force exerted from your foot is transferred to the braking system via fluid that enhances the force. If the level of this fluid is low your brakes will take longer to engage. Your brake fluid may also be contaminated. Air can enter the brake line through the tiniest of holes causing condensation to form and contaminate the brake fluid. If this happens the line must be flushed and the fluid replaced. Another cause may be worn out brake pads. Like anything else brake pads wear down with time and use. Normally when your pads begin the wear you will hear a screeching noise alerting you that they must be changed. Finally, you may have a problem with your brake power boost unit. On cars with power brakes this unit gives the brakes power by using vacuum technology to apply pressure to the master cylinder when you step on the brakes. These issues mentioned can be easily diagnosed by an expert.

If you have experienced your brakes going all the way down before stopping the vehicle the time for action is now. Don’t wait until you have an accident. Experts are available to quickly and efficiently diagnose your problem and provide cost effective solutions for Brake Service in Rockville.

Your brake service Rockville experts are just a phone call away. For expert advice call Auto Clinic Care. To learn more about our cost saving solutions contact autocliniccare.com.