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Get Help from a Physical Therapist Philadelphia

Knowing how you can benefit from a physical therapist, Philadelphia, will really aid in your recovery from an accident or from surgery. Such a professional can help all age groups with a wide variety of treatment options. Such a person is a medical professional and is not to be confused with a personal trainer although a physical therapist can certainly give you advice about your workout and the types of exercises you should be doing.

What a physical therapist, Philadelphia, does

A physical therapist Philadelphia, can work in a hospital setting, in a private clinic or in a nursing home. Generally the appointments are scheduled on an outpatient basis. You can make an appointment on your own, but usually you do need to be referred to this health care professional by a medical doctor. In addition to the information your doctor provides, the physical therapist will do an assessment to determine the best course of treatment for your problem. This type of treatment is generally prescribed for bones and muscles that have sustained some type of damage.

Treatments provided by a physical therapist Philadelphia

It may take weeks or months to complete the treatment procedure with a physical therapist. Philadelphiaresidents do have to pay for such treatments, but health insurance does cover all or most of the cost. There are various treatments involved in this type of medical service, such as heat packs and ultrasound. The use of ultrasound is a fairly recent occurrence in physical therapy. In such a treatment, the therapist applies heated towels to the affected area and covers them with a heavy ultrasound device that sends waves through the muscles providing healing and relief from pain and soreness.

Other ways physical therapists, Philadelphia, treat patients

In addition to using water and heat therapy,physical therapists,Philadelphia also use exercise equipment to help patients recover. Massage therapy can be part of the treatment provided by a registered masseuse who works with both chiropractors and physical therapists. On your fist appointment after the therapist does an evaluation of your medical condition, he/she will map out a plan through which you will receive the help and support you need for recovery. Whether the condition is chronic or acute, you will be sure of attaining relief from pain from physical therapy.

A physical therapist, Philadelphia, can also recommend specific equipment for you to use at home. The therapist will either have this equipment onsite for you to rent or purchase or will be able to refer you to the proper company where you can obtain exactly what you need. At the same time, the therapist will give you detailed instructions on how to use this equipment. Most of the time, you will have exercises to do at home in between visits. In this way you won’t regress after a treatment when you have to wait a week or so before you see the therapist again. If you do have any concerns be sure and ask physical therapists Philadelphia any questions for which you need answers.

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