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Be Daring and Take an Everglades Adventure

Why spend your vacation or you’re weekend doing the same old touristy type of activities when you could take an Everglades Adventure? With so much to see and experience in the 100s of miles of rivers that run through this National treasure of unspoiled ecosystem, you can have a different experience each time you visit. With the many animals Everglades National Park is a home you could visit each day and still not see the same thing twice.

Most Everglades adventure trips start by visiting the Everglades National Park. Established as a national park in the mid 1950’s this area has remained untouched and has been able to keep its natural wonder pristine. The Everglades National Park is over 2,400 square miles and encompasses many diverse and varied natural habitats. In fact no place in the country offers such a large subtropical wild area. Everglades National Park is the wildlife species home for over thousands of different species…that’s right…thousands! Where else but on an Everglades Adventure could you view such diversity.

For photography buffs an Everglades adventure sure delivers. With all the different large and varied species of wading birds like the Blue Heron, Pink Flamingos, and the colorful Roseate Spoonbill, there’s always a great shot to be had. But birds are of course not the only animals one is apt to see. The park is home to a number of groupings of feral pigs, (wild pigs) that roam the forest and swamp areas. In the coast bordering canals it’s not unusual to catch sight of the gentle giant sea cows, the Florida Manatees. These docile creatures though massive in size are so tame that one can swim alongside of them. This it’s not recommended for one important reason; gators. Yes, let us not forget the Everglades National Park most famed animal, the American Alligator. Able to survive in fresh and even in a brackish (mixture of salt and fresh waters) environment these are some of the oldest eating machines on the planet, and truly should be a part of anyone’s Everglades adventures.

But Everglades National Park doesn’t limit its visitors to just viewing the many animals; there is so much to do for the parks visitors. One can make a weekend of it and camp in the park. During the days you can travel along the waterways by renting a kayak, canoe, or by taking an airboat ride. There are scores of guided tours, both for salt and fresh water fishing as well as sightseeing with either a boat captain or an official park ranger. There are even swamp buggy races held in the park. So you see you can pick and choose what to include in your Everglades Adventures trip, so long as you plan one and experience this last natural wonderland for yourself.

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