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ThinkPad and IdeaPad: the Signature Notebook Products of Lenovo

Lenovo is one of the leading brands of technology industry in Asia as well as the West. It was first established in Beijing, China and expanded into a multinational corporation that sells software information, computer technology and electronic gizmos. Its other branches of Lenovo include Singapore and North Carolina. Lenovo’s curious company name is derived from two words: Le is an initial syllable of the word Legend and novo identifies itself in the Latin lexicon which means in English context the root word new. It was named as New Legend since for the past 19 years preceding 2002; the company has survived under the name Legend. It shows how the corporation pushes in their intent to go global and adapt to the newest technology. Since 2011, it has been the second largest seller of personal computers. The Lenovo Notebook Computers have been influential for that recent success.

The ThinkPad has made the prestige of Lenovo recognizable throughout the globe due to its smart efficiency, most suited especially in official operations because of its elegant utilitarian business-class technology. The ThinkPad is most suitable either in business operations or school tasks like term papers and such. It has proven to be a very user-friendly portable tool for busy people in all walks of life that required neat software-based information management at a very hectic pace. Another aspect that makes this particular unit of Lenovo Notebook Computers is that it contains an extensive battery life. As part of the environmentally-friendly position of this company, their generic ThinkPad product also features green and energy efficient operating systems. Aside from touch screens and advanced mobile workstations, it also sports the famous their trademark ThinkVantage Technologies built-in solutions. It is designed to boost productivity, enhance mobility and minimize total ownership expense.

If the ThinkPad is designed for business, the Lenovo software industry also has its own notebook units designed for primarily for leisure. The IdeaPad is a lighter and more creative counterpart of the logical and utilitarian ThinkPad. The IdeaPad sports on the best technological aspects of entertainment. Although it is known to accommodate the sensibilities of private life, it is also versatile enough to be very useful in work, particularly for those who are on an easy home-based employment or business. Movies are one of the best ways to keep a person entertained in front of the computer screen. Lenovo features an excellent audio-visual specs in the IdeaPad systems. It contains both an advanced widescreen display and the trademark Dolby Home Theatre sound system. It controls can be touch sensitive, providing relative ease for users navigating through its systems. Most important of all, the IdeaPad sports a trademark facial recognition lock for its security system, disallowing any access to unauthorized user.

Being the second-best distributor of personal computer merchandises, the Lenovo notebook computers have a long way to go. Visit Domain, for more information about different products of notebook computers.