Understanding the Rating System for High Security Safes

Most people think that one high security safe is pretty much like every other high security safe. This is not the case at all. There can be a great deal of variation from one high security safe to the next.

The best way to determine just how high security a safe really is, you need to check out its rating. The rating will provide you with a good idea at just how protected the safe really is.

One of the reasons that it is so important to understand the ranking of high security safes is because the insurance companies are going to want to know so they can access your potential as an insurance risk.

Most homes that have a high security safe in them, have high security safes that have a B-rating. Even though this isn’t the highest possible rating assigned to high security safes, it is the one most commonly found. A B-rated safe is really well protected. There are two main features that the B-rated high security safes share. The first is their plating which is made out of nickel and will shatter the drill bit of any person silly enough to try breaking into the safe. B-rated high security safes are designed to be securely bolted to the floor. The biggest drawback to a B-rated safe is that they generally aren’t fireproof.

Most insurance companies are happiest when you use a safe that has a TL-15 rating. High security safes with this particular rating are generally ideal for storing jewelry and similar valuables. High security safes with a TL-15 rating are generally the type sought out by the owners of pawn and jewelry stores. Like B-rated high security safes, the TL-15 will resist a drill for at least 15 minutes which is longer than most burglars are willing to try accessing a safe. Unlike the B-rated safes, the TL-15 will withstand a 1700 degrees F fire for at least an hour before the contents are susceptible to damage.

It is possible to find some high security safes with a ranking of TL-30. These are about the best rated safes that a homeowner would need. Safes with this particular rating have all the good qualities of the other two rankings, but also have ball bearings placed directly beneath the drill proof plating and have doors that which are designed with multiple re-lockers. The TL-30 remains fireproof for a minimum of 90 minutes.

One of the things you need to keep in mind is that even the best high security safes aren’t going to do you any good if you don’t remember to close and lock the safe door after you have finished putting things into the safe.

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