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Trends Your Website Designer Should Know

Your business website needs as much attention as your shop-front. Just like you would always put your best face forward when it comes to your shop front, you need to do the same with your portal. A good website designer, Miami business owners know, can do wonders, however, the rules of web design are always changing, so it would do you good to keep abreast of the latest trends in this field, just so you can pitch in with some degree of knowledge when it’s time to sit with him and discuss what your website should look like. So here are some of the factors you should tell your website designer. Miami business owners would do well to keep these points in mind.

1. Think Mobile – in just a few years, the number of people accessing a website from a mobile device is going to shoot up and perhaps cross the number of people doing the same from a desktop. So you either need to have a mobile friendly version of your website ready for that inevitability, or configure your primary website in such a way that it is mobile friendly.

2. Touch Screen Ready – The mouse isn’t going away anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can shut out the gamut of people accessing the internet with touch screen devices. So design for both input forms, and yes, make sure you keep in mind that some people prefer the horizontal orientation for surfing while some prefer vertical. Once again, be prepared.

3. Animate! – No this doesn’t mean you can plaster your site with jumping, popping and blinking bits of text and .gif files like this was the glory days of the 90s. Instead, think about how you can use animation to make the whole experience more attractive, cohesive and easy for your audience.

4. Grid Layouts – OK, this depends more on your taste, but grids are suddenly big. It’s the clean cut, easy aspect of it that appeals to website designers and users alike. Unlike a traditional format, you can impart a lot more information with a grid, and in a more appealing manner too.

5. Big Images – Big, high resolution images have always looked good, but for a long time there were a variety of bottlenecks, including low internet speeds as well as low resolution monitors which made it a bad idea to incorporate them in a site. Well, most people today have enough bandwidth to download reasonably fast images quite fast, and display quality has only improved, so go ahead, and make your site look good.

Even if you have full faith in your website designer, Miami business owners know that they sometimes need help. Just make sure you bring up these points when you sit with him and you will be fine.

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