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Topps Heritage Cards – Blast From the Past

Topps is the leading producer of sports card collectible. Founded in 1938, they produce sports card collectibles, entertainment, confectionery and digital applications for trading cards. Topps Heritage baseball cards are famous like any other cards released annually. The heritage cards are patterned in old style and revive the memories of old time games and players.

Topps Cards and Products

Topps cards are released yearly. The collectible cards are produced for Major League Baseball, English Premiere League, National Football League, Indian Premiere League and UFC. These cards are in demand in Nations in which the games are played. They created and produced trading cards, games and sticker collections for entertainment. The famous confectionery created and still in sale are bubble gum, Ring Pop, Push Pop, Baby Bottle Pop, Juicy Drop Pop and Sharkies. For 2012 London Olympics, Topps have created 24 pack trading cards. They also release cards on special occasions. Recently, they released the Royal Wedding Commemorative Card Set.

Specialty of Topps Card

The Topps cards for baseball are sold like hot cakes from the instant it is released for sale annually. There is no dearth in demand for the cards all these years and it is still going stronger. Baseball, football and soccer enthusiasts have been collecting these cards year after year. Even though, if one collects football or soccer cards, Topps Heritage cards are always related with baseball only as it is favorite game of America. What makes it special is the creative, design, quality photograph and vintage design. The vintage design gives it an antique style and looks of a collectible. Each hobby set card carries autographed cards by the players themselves, rather than printing the sign. This single unique feature qualifies for a collectible and makes it outstanding among its competitors. The package opening, which is factory sealed is a ceremonious occasion for an avid baseball card collector. This process is named as case breaking. With new release each year, the previous year card becomes an antique and the value of some of the sets increases. As the year goes by the value of Topps Heritage card increases and it is a prestigious possession for baseball fans of the yesteryear and the present year.

Topps Heritage Cards

Topps Heritage Cards dominated for decades until early 1980s. Recently it has signed a pact with MLB and has become the sole card producer for MLB games. Topps also releases dual heritage autographed cards, wherein the old and present player of the same team or different team will appear in the same card with autograph of both the players. Though for younger generation the case breaking of Topps Heritage card may not be exciting, the card has a value because of its presentation old and new players, giving it a true meaning of collectible. This helps younger generation to know about the past player’s contributions to the game at that year. Topps Heritage card set is an exotic collection for those who have watched the old players and the present players.

The year 2012 Topps Heritage card has players featured from the year 1963. The cards are designed in 1963 style cards. The box also contains Autographed relics, Real one Autographs cards, 500 card set, which consists of traditional inserts of the new players, refractors, chrome parallels, black refractors and hobby exclusive Box loaders. Topps Collectible Cards takes the already famous and favorite game to whole new level.

Topps Heritage has withstood all the competition and it has beaten the bunch and still a leader among trading cards and collectible cards. For more information you can visit business name.