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Top 3 Topps Baseball Boxes of the Decade

Did you know that the Topps Company Inc. celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2011 by giving away lucky collectors a real diamond-studded Topps baseball card? In every six packs of the Topps baseball boxes for 2011, collectors will find a ‘Diamond Anniversary Pin Code’, which gives them the original Topps card and the diamond embedded card. A leading baseball card maker since the taking over of Bowman Company in the 1980’s, Topps also manufactures gum, candy and other sports collectibles and trading cards.

The Topps baseball boxes were the first of the kind brought out into the market since the fall of the Bowman Company. Each box is intended for purchase by collectors and each set contains a higher number of cards of value than those available with ordinary retailers. As an incentive for collectors, each box also contains a special product or insert card that is a rare find.

Top Topps Baseball Boxes for 2000-2010

Topps baseball boxes were soon followed by competitors who tried to bring out similar boxes on offer for collectors. However, Topps remains the leading baseball cards manufacturer and seller. The three Topps baseball boxes that made it into history are:

2008 Topps Sterling Box: Released in 2008, this contained 38 great players in baseball history. Each of this contains 1 player specific wood box and a mystery box. Apart from this, it contains four premium cards of a single player, an autographed card, and a mystery pack that consists of a sequentially numbered parallel card of any player. Joe DiMaggio and Babe Ruth are among the 38 players included in this box.

2010 Topps Tribute Box: This box was celebrated for bringing the great baseball players of the past, present and future on to the same platform. The Tribute Topps baseball boxes feature one relic baseball card per pack, 3 relic baseball cards per box and a cut signature card of the 1927 Yankees starting lineup. Cards include Honus Wagner, relic of Stephen Strasburg, Mickey mantle and others.

2010 T-206 Topps Baseball Boxes: Topps baseball box went off the racks for all the classic photography used by Topps in showcasing current, future and past MLB players. The box contains brand new insert cards, new American Caramel parallel and autographed cards, hobby exclusive stamp cards and mini book cards, as well as relic, refractor, parallel and printing plate cards. To add to the collector’s delight, there is a randomly inserted buyback original T-206 to obtain a slice of baseball card history.

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